Visualize Crushing Your Goals and Tasks

An often neglected success tool is the practice of visualization. On a daily basis, success-oriented individuals visualize themselves achieving their goals. It is a vital habit to implement into your routine as it constantly reminds you of what you are working towards. If you adopt the practice of visualization, you will notice an increase in drive, motivation, and confidence. Most important, you will complete goals and tasks more efficiently and effectively.

In short, visualization is a thought exercise in which one visualizes where they want to be. There are a multitude of tiers to visualization such as picturing your end goal (long term) or creating a visual of completing a daily task (short term). The crux of visualization is that you create an image of what you are about to accomplish, how you will do it, and what emotions you will feel. Incorporating as much positive emotional influence is imperative! This is what creates drive and turns on your internal work engine.

Let’s put theory into practice. I can guarantee that you face a plethora of tasks on a daily basis. Some days may be busier than others, but you always have goals to achieve, nonetheless. Unfortunately, our minds find it difficult to prioritize tasks and we lose our ability to focus. The end result is a wasted day in which we accomplish next to nothing. The next time you find yourself in a rut or with too much on your mind, remember to visualize.

Start by creating a mental list of all the important task you have to complete on a given day. Next, imagine yourself completing them. Start with easy tasks and move on to more difficult ones. Spend time really visualizing how you are going to complete each task. Where will you be? What tools will you use? What are the required steps or actions? As you begin to rationalize the task, you consciously realize that it is not as difficult or stressful as initially thought.

Visualization works due to the fact that we overload our minds. We take on too many tasks or goals and are unable to make sense of our workload. Without the creation of a mental image of each tasks’ completion, we are lost. We jump from task to task without any rhyme or reason.

The next time you find yourself stuck or unable to make progress towards the completion of a task or goal, take five minutes, close your eyes, and imagine yourself completing the task at hand. Focus on the feelings and emotions that rush through body upon completion. With a fresh mind and a new approach, tackle the task at hand and crush it!

Lastly, visualization is an incredible self-motivation technique. I recommend conducing visualization exercises each day. Imagine your end goal in life; your purpose. Truly see and feel yourself in that position, as an accomplished and successful individual. Be as detailed and specific as possible. Use the positive emotions that visualization generates to drive you forward.

In the beginning, visualization may feel forced and awkward. This is akin to any new task in life. Stick with it and soon it will become a highly effective sub-conscious activity that turns your entire body into a purpose-driven powerhouse.