The Secret to Success is Getting Started


Inaction will never produce results. Unless you bite the bullet and commit to your goals, you will not be successful. This shouldn’t be a surprise! From a logical perspective, how can you move forward if you fail to take that initial step? Just like climbing a mountain, you will not reach the summit unless you take that first step from base camp.

As we’ve covered extensively in previous articles, planning is integral. You must have a roadmap of where you are going. You must know the trails of the mountain you wish to climb and potential obstacles that you must overcome. Work on your plans and make sure they are realistic and feasible.

The next step is where the majority of people run into problems. You must implement your plans. Take the initiative and start today! Not tomorrow, but today! The longer you put off action, the harder it is to implement it. Reason being, you get accustomed to inaction and your mind creates excuses to justify your lack of initiative.

You will come face-to-face with your fears. Fear of starting, fear of the unknown, fear of putting yourself out there. Move past this! The biggest fear you should have is the fear of inaction. This is the root cause of misery and a mediocre life. Rise above your fears and just start the damn thing.

This is why your roadmap is so important. When you logically think through all of the potential problems and issues that you will encounter, you put your fears to rest. You try to organize the unknown, which isn’t always possible but it is vital to plan for contingencies.

If you truly want to achieve your goals, then you have to start working towards them. If you want to run a marathon, then you have to train. If you put off training then you will be ill-prepared for the marathon or you will simply cancel your plans to participate in it. Your goals are the exact same except training is acting out your plans.

Start with small steps. Buy your domain name, reach out to contacts, cold call smaller clients, network, etc. Start building momentum and slowly pick up the pace. Once the wheel of success is in motion, you will be motivated to build on it, to make it spin faster and faster.

Take action right now. With your goal in mind, determine some small steps you can take today to get the ball rolling.