Replace Procrastination with Productivity

We all need a break from work. It’s only human to seek relief and to avoid stress. Work, although highly rewarding, takes its toll on us.

Most people resort to mindless activities in their free time. Those without discipline resort to these activities during work hours as well, a habit that must be suppressed. Regardless of when you participate in mindless activities, you are not bettering your life. These activities include: watching TV, playing video games, social media, texting, etc. You get the gist and I do not need to create an entire list for you.

One of the most vital changes you can make in your life is substituting mindless activities for growth activities. Luckily, this is very easy to do.

For example, instead of wasting a Saturday on NetFlix, you can join a weekend sports league, gym, or running program. The hours spent in front of your screen are replaced with physical activity that promotes health and strength. We’ve already discovered the benefits of a healthy body in a previous article. I recommend joining a community program such as a sports team or gym. You will develop contacts, friendships, leadership, and will gain confidence in your ability to perform in front of others.

Instead of wasting your life away following reality stars on social media, you can read books about self-improvement, investing, history, etc. This is an exceptional way to improve your knowledge, decision making, and vocabulary. Living vicariously through others online will not lead to those benefits!

The crux of this article is to replace pointless, low-rewarding activities with a high performance lifestyle. Every single day you need to strive to be the best person possible. Not just at work, but in your social and physiological spheres as well.

Play a sport and develop a rock hard body that can achieve anything. Read a book or watch YouTube videos that teach you a skill. Keep your mind sharp and you will become an extraordinary leader and decision maker.

Everyone is given the same 24 hours per day. How will you capitalize on yours?