Cash In, Cash Out

A cash in is your ticket to start the day.

A cash out is your ticket to end the day.

Simply put, there are tasks that that you must complete each day in order to get started and in order to go to bed.

The concept of cashing in and cashing out ensures that you’ve paid the full fare for the day. You have taken care of key tasks that lead to self-improvement, growth, and success.

Do not overwhelm your list, it can be as simple as two tasks at the start and end of your day.

To put this into perspective, here are mine:

Cash In:

  • Wake Up Early
  • Workout

Cash Out:

  • Daily Journal Entry
  • Read 1 Hour Prior to Bed

There is nothing complex about my cash in and cash out program. It serves as the kick-starter and wind down for my day. Furthermore, it is my safeguard that makes sure I start and end my day on the right notes.

In order to create your own program, you must select tasks that you enjoy doing and that lead to personal development. Do not put watching TV or playing video games. Focus on tasks that better yourself. Here are some key guidelines:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make sure you can do it day in and day out
  3. Write them down
  4. Practice turns into habit

Try it out today. You can start with one key cash in and cash out for now. Slowly grow it, but do not overwhelm yourself.

Another caveat is to avoid complicated tasks. You want to start and end your day with victories. Small, easy to win tasks increase your motivation and drive.